Apple Unveils Hundreds of New Uses for iPhone

Reporter Twitters live iPhone updates

Apple has begun updating the iPhone.

A host of companies took the stage at Apple headquarters in Cupertino on Tuesday to explain what their new applications can do on the much-vaunted personal communications device.

NBC Bay Area tech reporter Scott Budman tweeted all the updates as they occured.

Developers will gain access to thousands of new application "API's" because of the updates. The API's will allow developers to create and change the applications they want, Budman reported.

Designers unveiled new audio file and texting features for the iPhone. There is also a new voice memo feature built into the phone's home screen, as well as a more synchable calendar, Budman reported.

Much buzz was created around the possibility that the 3G iPhone would have "copy and paste" features. Apple did not disappoint. The new method lets users select a piece of text, grab it and then copy and paste.

If users make a mistake with the text they want to copy and paste, they can shake the phone to undo.

Apple also unveiled a feature that allows users to send more than one photo at a time. In total there were 100 new features. To see more of them, check out Scott Budman's Twitter stream.

ESPN, Electronic Arts, Meebo and Oracle, among others, took the stage to tell the audience just what their iPhone apps could do. Video game companies showed off their wares. Ngmoco showed off their first-person shooter game.

There was a smaller audience than at previous events, Budman reported.

800 Million Downloads

The folks at Apple released information on just how well the phone has done recently. In the last year, the iPhone has sold 13.7 million units. 17 million have been sold in total.

50,000 developers have created applications for the software developers' kit.

In the eight months that the app store has been in existence, there have been 800 million downloads. The phone is available in 80 countries now.

Medical Uses?

At least one commpany showed that the iPhone could have medical uses in the future.

Johnson and Johnson took the stage and spoke of their medical applications for the device. They showed a new program that would allow diabetes patients to better manage their disease with the help of the iPhone.

Electronic Arts of redwood City showed of their SIMS game for the phone.

The phone could also be used as a GPS device, a speaker or a transmitter, Budman reported.

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