Autopsy Conducted on 3-Year-Old Girl; Mother, Boyfriend in Custody

The Napa County coroner on Monday performed an autopsy on a 3-year-old girl, whose mother and boyfriend were arrested in connection with her homicide.

Kayleigh Slusher's body was discovered Saturday in a bed on Saturday at her mom's apartment in the 200 block of Wilkins Avenue in Napa.

Kayleigh's mother -  Sara Kreuger, 23, and her boyfriend, Ryan Scott Warner, 26, were arrested on Sunday at the El Cerrito del Norte BART station at about 11 a.m.

Both were arrested on suspicion of assault resulting in a child's death, homicide and "special circumstances murder." As of early Monday afternoon, the Napa County District Attorney had not yet received the case.

A motive has not yet been revealed.

Napa police on Monday also confirmed that they were called to Krueger's residence 10 times last year for various crime reports. This year, they were called out to the home on Jan. 27 and Jan. 29.

One of those calls came from a person concerned that a child was in the home with drugs. Police said they responded to the call and did not find any drugs.

When police were conducting a welfare check on the girl on Saturday, they said they found signs of foul play, including blunt-force trauma to Kaylieghs's body.

Neighbors said Kayleigh loved to jump rope and ride her pink and white bicycle. They were shocked to hear of her death and the Kreuger's arrest.

"She used to be such a bubbly person and happy," neighbor Guadalupe Chavez said. "She loved being a mom and out of nowhere she totally changed in those months. She totally changed."

Before the arrest, Krueger was last seen leaving the area Saturday morning with her boyfriend, witnesses told police. They were both last seen carrying luggage from Krueger's apartment at about 10 a.m., according to police. Neither Krueger nor Warner owns a vehicle and police had not been able to reach them on their cellphones.

On Sunday night, a vigil started with prayer at the steps of the apartment on Wilkins Avenue where the girl was found dead. And it ended with the grandfather of the 3-year-old victim barely able to stand after being overcome with grief.

If anyone has information about what happened, they should contact Detective Andy Hess at

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