BART Introduces New Plush Toy on Twitter, Gets Snarky Responses

BART took to Twitter Wednesday to introduce a new plush toy they’re selling just in time for the holidays.

"Looking for a Christmas stocking stuffer? Perhaps a gift for a White Elephant exchange or Secret Santa? Get them while they're hot, folks," SF BART tweeted Wednesday.

Though meant to be the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer, Twitter users did not waste any time mocking the public transit service and just a couple of days later, BART took to Twitter again to remind people to buy them for $10 in Lake Merritt and to ask those responding to the Tweet for a favor.

"Please ... stop asking us if the train comes with peepee, poopoo, needles and other gross things. The answer is always no," the tweet read.

Why? Well, Twitter users were going in on BART, using it as an opportunity to send snarky remarks about their service.

Read some of the responses below:

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