Fishermen Ready for Bay Area Crab Season

The commercial crab season in San Francisco is set to begin at midnight, when the calendar turns Nov. 15.

Fishermen began loading up thousands of traps onto their boats at 6 a.m. Friday and dropping them off in deep waters. Once crabbing season officially starts, fishermen can begin pulling their catch out with what's expected to be a plentiful season.

"Oh demand is very popular," said Angel Cincotta of the Alioto Lazio Fish Company. "We start getting calls in July to get on the Thanksgiving and Christmas lists."

The Dungeness crab season will start on time because fishermen and wholesale buyers agreed to the price of $3 per pound.

"The price will go down, a lot more people, a lot more locals come in for the holidays, get their crabs," said Rich Coco of Alioto's Crab Stand. "Everybody's asking about it. They all want California crab."

Crab lovers have enjoyed the last four seasons -- they've been the most productive period for fishermen in recorded history.

Stores will not know how much they can charge consumers yet until the first loads come in Saturday morning -- quantitity, quality and meatiness are factors.

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