Bay Area Gets Social with Soccer


It turns out we Americans love soccer.

At least, Tweeting about it.

NetBase, a Mountain View company that tracks social media, had a field day with the USA-Germany soccer game, tracking the mountains of Tweets and Facebook posts that came in rapid-fire through the whole game.

It's not just Tweets they track; it's what they mean: Are people emotional about what they're following? Are they likely to buy a product after getting social with it? This kind of data collection is gold to customers - for soccer fans, well, it's just fun.

Says NetBase's Anna Startseva, "whenever there's a goal, people check it out on social media .. in fact, i didn't even have to see the game to know what was happening."

Not exactly what ESPN wants to hear, but let's face it: We've become a Nation of second-screeners.

Scott, too, can be found on Twitter: @scottbudman

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