Ukraine-Russia War

Bay Area Group Offers Support After Visit to War-Torn Ukraine

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A Bay Area group back from a trip to the Ukraine-Poland border is seeking the community's help in offering support to the war-torn region.

For Joy Sisisky, it was personal.

“My own family was from Ukraine," she said.

The Interim CEO of San Francisco's Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund was part of a recent trip to the border to offer support, and bear witness.

"There are thousands of people arriving every day by bus and train and they need everything,” said Sisisky. “When they're walking off a bus or train, they're coming with almost nothing."

The federation is raising money for the refugees while setting up places to help.

Those who made the trip say they're heartbroken that so many of them, jews and non-jews alike, are largely women and children, facing uncertain futures.

"Regardless of how the war might end, whether it's next week or months, this need is going to be around for many years in terms of the vast number of lives that have been displaced," said Arthur Slepian of the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund.

And because the need is going to be so big for so long, the federation has set up a fundraising and information page.

Those who want to help or donate, can visit their website.

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