Donald Trump

Bay Area Leaders Promote ‘Resistance Summer' to Oppose President Trump's Policies

It's being called "Resistance Summer."

Local leaders in the Bay Area are organizing a grassroots movement to condemn President Donald Trump and the policies flowing from the White House.

Activists hope to seize on sentiment against the "un-American Trump agenda" and use that energy to swing favor back into their hands, according to Rep. Barbara Lee.

"We're going to stop (Trump) from trying to deny healthcare to 24 million people," Lee said while talking about specific issues they hope to counter.

Political opponents say the "Resistance Summer" message may not sit well with people who previously felt left out by Democrats in office.

"I think you have to offer those Americans solutions to their problems, and the party has really been bereft of that for many cycles," Harmeet Dhillon from the California RNC Committee said.

While activists in the Bay Area combated Trump, others around the county participated in the "March for Truth" to demand an impartial investigation into alleged Russian interference with the U.S. Election and Russian ties to the White House.

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