Occupy Protesters Target Wells Fargo CEO

Wells Fargo's chief executive has been specifically called out.

Bay Area Occupy protesters are taking their fight right to the front door of the CEO of one of the nation's largest banks. They plan to set up camp outside the home of Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf on Saturday according to the SF Weekly.

Saturday they will deliver a foreclosure notice to Stumpf's San Francisco home and stage a mock auction in front of the house. They say Stumpf and Wells Fargo are ignoring customers and are not negotiating in good faith with Bay Area homeowners who are trying to modify their home loans.

Occupiers are demanding Stumpf meet with foreclosure victims; place an immediate moratorium on foreclosures until there's a plan in place to save homes; and provide homeowners fair and affordable loan modifications with reductions to loan principals.

Occupy Bernal, which is behind the protest, says more than 80 homeowners in the neighborhood are in foreclosure and families don't have the luxury of waiting for Wells Fargo to get around to renegotiating.

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