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Bay Area Organizations Take in Animals Evacuated From Wildfire

Bay Area organizations are stepping up to do their part in rescuing animals from the Carr Fire that’s burned over 80,000 acres in Shasta County.

Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) has seen new faces, animals who were already in shelter in Shasta County, that were moved to make room for animals who are evacuated or displaced from the fire.

"We pulled yesterday 14 dogs and 24 cats from haven so we can clear their shelter out since Thursday they have had to take in over 500 animals because of the fire," said Elena Bicker, executive director of the foundation.

Tony La Russa is working with partner shelters in the Bay Area and keeping a close eye on the situation.

"ARF was put on alert today that they’re going to have to evacuate haven human and move all the animals that are housed in the shelter into their temporary space," said Bicker.

People can help through the ARF website by making monetary donations to provide medical supplies like burn creams and bandages.

"We have plenty of stuff," said volunteer Michale Lancaster. "Loaded my truck up yesterday and contacted my buddy Justin."

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