105-Year-Old, Survivor of 2 Pandemics, Gets Vaccinated

Ursula Haeussler had family members and friends who died in the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic

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You know you must have lived a good life if, after more than a century of it, you do what you can to assure you get even more.

Ursula Haeussler certainly feels that way.

"I got the vaccine," Haeussler said.

Haeussler, born in Berlin, Germany, in 1915, is 105 years old.

She was a little girl when the Spanish flu pandemic swept over the world, killing tens of millions of people. Among them, family members and friends of Haeussler's. She recalls an uncle and godparents who died.

Last week, with those memories still in her head, Haeussler went to the Kaiser Permanente Fremont Medical Center and got her first dose of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine. She thinks you should, too.

"People should be thankful that people worked so hard to get this vaccine because it’s the only way to stop the COVID virus," Haeussler said.

Haeussler reports almost no side effects after the shot.

"I was maybe a little tired but that was all," she said.

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