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Top Dog Friendly Restaurants in the Bay Area

Here are some of the hottest spots for canines and their companions

The list is endless when choosing a place to eat in the Bay Area, but it seems that only a few are truly dog friendly. If looking for a place that both you and your pooch can enjoy, here are some of the hottest spots for canines and their companions.

Le Garage

Situated in Sausalito, Le Garage offers a meal with harbor views. Guests can order anything from Mussels Provençale and Rhubarb Crème Brulee to a burger and fries, all while sipping on a glass of rosé. Chefs Bruno Denis and Olivier Souvestre opened the restaurant in April 2008, taking inspiration from their French roots. With a patio outside, the restaurant is dog friendly as well, with a designated area for pets to hang out and bask in the sun while their owners dine.

The Press

The Press is perfect for anyone looking to impress friends on social media, with each plate carefully crafted and colorful. This Pleasanton café offers a mouthwatering selection of sandwiches as well as seasonal specials. If sitting outside with your dog as well, wait staff can even bring over a bowl of water for your pet. A large selection of pastries and drinks is also available, making this the perfect location to crack open a book for a few hours.

Drake’s Dealership

The beer garden, Drake’s Dealership, welcomes all to hang out and share some memories. The modern outdoor space where pets are permitted is expansive. Guests can hang out around one of the available fire pits with stringed lights draping over them from the exposed rafters above. The casual environment makes for a perfect Friday night spot to hang out with friends and grab a stone fired pizza and beer.

The Table

Continuing south into San Jose, The Table serves dishes that are crafted with only the finest seasonal ingredients. Because of this, this café takes immense pride in presenting food with the intention of highlighting each ingredient. Like the prior eateries, the outside seating area makes for a great space to dine with your dog. Customers can find the restaurant by searching for the retro green, yellow and orange sign protruding proudly from the business’s front patio.

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