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Man Stole Husky-Golden Retriever Puppy From San Jose and Gave it to His Ex-Girlfriend: Police

Nyla, the 6-week old husky-retriever mix puppy stolen from a San Jose business Monday, was found Wednesday in the Central California town of Ceres and later reunited with his owner.

According to San Jose Police, they tipped Ceres Police Wednesday about the puppy, which led officers to find the dog in a house in Ceres.

Officers arrested Mohammad Nayl, who stole the dog and then gave her to his estranged girlfriend, police said.

Nayl had a domestic violence restraining order barring him from the residence where the dog was found.

Officer Charles Rushing was able to recover the puppy from the residence after contacting the girlfriend, whose name is not being released. The girlfriend was unaware of and not involved with the theft of the husky puppy, police said.[[486030992, C]]

Nyla's owner, Luis Gutierrez, drove to Ceres to be reunited with her.

Nayl was booked into the Stanislaus County Jail for possession of stolen property and violation of a domestic violence restraining order.

He was caught on camera walking into a San Jose business and then stealing the puppy on Monday.

Gutierrez had only had Nyla, a 6-week old husky-retriever mix, for eight days before he discovered that someone came into his business at the 2000 block of Bering Drive in San Jose and took her.

The suspect who appeared to be wearing a t-shirt, black shorts and sneakers walked into the warehouse, looked around and spotted Nyla laying under a desk.

The surveillance video showed him crouching down, calling on the puppy and she got up to be petted. He then scooped her up in his arm and walked towards the exit.

Gutierrez created a Facebook page after alerting police, and posted the video in hope to find the missing dog. He said he brought Nyla to work because he didn't want her to be alone at the house.

"It hurts to see that video but I'm so glad we installed the security cameras so we could see his face perfectly, and his car," Gutierrez told NBC Bay Area.

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