Benicia Police Nab Thief With $25,000 Worth of Stolen Jewelry

Benicia police nabbed a suspected thief and recovered more than $25,000 worth of stolen jewelry over the weekend, the department said in a Facebook post Tuesday.

Gilberto Upton, 25, of Benicia, was arrested and booked into Solano County jail after investigators found a victim's stolen credit card and stolen jewelry in his possession, police said.

"We found a lot of bling in a car this weekend – more than $25,000 worth of bling to be exact," the post said. "The good news is a local woman was reunited with her jewelry and credit card after she reported them stolen a few days earlier. ... We are glad to bring a happy ending to this victim."

Upton also had an undisclosed amount of heroin on him, police said.

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