Berkeley Protesters Ousted From Would-Be Party Venue

"Your University" turns out not to be


Bringing a close to a raucous occupation at the spiritual home of America's college protesters, cops arrested protesters who had occupied a building at the University of California at Berkeley.

Since Monday, the occupiers had proclaimed an "open university."

That open university is now closed. Berkeley officials say campus police arrested 41 students, 24 random protesters, and one "additional individual seeking to cause a disruption outside of Wheeler Hall."

What was on the curriculum for this motley crew? Well, that may have been what sent police over the edge. Some of the programs listed on the protest website,, were educational in nature, like an Arabic language class. But today's agenda included less high-minded fare.

Click below to see the invitation organizers sent out for an all-night fance party at "Liberated Wheeler Hall," set to run from "8 p.m. til the cops kick in the doors."

The party's over before it even started.

Photo by moses_namkung

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