The Next Superfood? Bone Broth Sees Surge in Popularity

PALO ALTO - Athletes, health nuts and foodies all love it. Although it's been around for years, broth is seeing a surge in popularity. Butchers at Belcampo Meat Company in Palo Alto have seen the demand first hand.

"We've seen a significant influx in sales of bone broth in the last month. It's skyrocketed,” said store manager Kiley Boettcher.

It tastes like regular broth but with more flavor and richer ingredients.

"We use beef bones, pork bones, and poultry bones. A little apple cider vinegar, which helps pull out a little extra collagen, extra goodness out of the bones,” Boettcher said.

Bone broth has been made for many years. Basically, ever since people started throwing bones into water to help make soup. Its rise in popularity can be attributed to eating trends like the paleo diet. Actors and athletes like Kobe Bryant also swear by it.

Believers say it helps restore muscles, and improve skin and stomach health.

"Because of the collagen, gelatin, magnesium, calcium,” said customer Carissa Ashman.

Ashman took nutritional classes in college. She bought two cups Tuesday to ease a sore throat.

"I asked a professor once, what's one of the best things you can do to when you're sick? And one of the best things you can do for workout recovery? He told me bone broth," Ashman said.

Health experts are not sure if all the accolades are accurate, saying more research needs to be done before declaring it a superfood.

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