Broken Street Lights Raise Crime Concerns in San Jose

San Jose residents are up in arms after broken street lights have gone unfixed for four months and counting.

Frustrated neighbors on Stallion Way near King and Aborn roads said more than a dozen street lights have been out since late May. What used to be a well-lit neighborhood plunges into darkness when the sun goes down.

Crime in the area has spiked as as a result, according to residents.

"It's very scary especially for the kids and also we come home late at night and then I don't think it's right because we're also taxpayers like the rest of the county," resident Marisol Justo said.

Estela Cota said someone slashed her husband's truck tires and stole gas from the tank. Another neighbor reports someone broke into her father's car and stole a car stereo.

"How about if they broke into our house?" Justo said. "Because it's really dark. And then you don't really know who comes here."

Residents said they have called the city a dozen of times and are met a majority of the time with a recording.

The city recording said a high number of copper wire thefts in the area have affected the street lights.

Officials have told residents that the city does not have the resources to fix the street light problem quickly.

For now, residents have relied on porch lights and the moon as their sources for evening light.

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