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Quarry and Cement Plant Slowing Down Morning Traffic: Cupertino Neighborhood

A Cupertino neighborhood said a sharp increase in big rigs hauling rocks and debris between two businesses has slowed morning traffic down and they want the city to take action.

The corner of Stevens Creek Boulevard and Foothill Boulevard has been filled with heavy traffic between a nearby quarry that’s operated in the area for more than 80 years and a cement plant.

Neighbors say the increase of trucks hauling materials between the two sites is causing a ruckus.

"I’m really focused on safety at this meeting, but there are so many other issues," said Cupertino resident Lola Kashyap at the neighborhood meeting Wednesday.

Santa Clara County recently shut down a private road between the two facilities because it was not properly permitted and potentially unsafe. So, until an alternate road is built trucks are using city streets.

"There’s dust, there’s pollution, there are thousands of big rig trucks," said Steve Dauber from Cupertino. "I think it’s time to start scaling down the industrial uses of this area and if we can scale them down by half by closing one of the two quarries then it’s time to close one of the two quarries."

However, not everyone agrees. At the quarry, one neighbor wants to support local businesses.

"We all knew it was here when we moved here and you can’t move into a neighborhood when you’ve got someplace like this then complain about the operations," said John Schafer.

A representative from the quarry was at the meeting Wednesday but did not address the crowd’s concerns.

The city and the county said it will take some time before they can come up with a solution to the increased truck traffic.

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