Buy San Francisco Bay's Only Privately Owned Island

Have you ever dreamed of living in the middle of the San Francisco Bay? Now you have your chance, sort of.

The only privately held island in the bay has officially hit the market for a mere $22 million. The price will get you the right to say you own Red Rock Island near the Richmond/San Rafael bridge.

The 4.114 acre island sits in the middle of the bay and is vacant land that is part of four counties.

The listing for the island does not say whether the owner would be allowed to build on the uninhabited island but $22 million will guarantee you "the mineral rights and bragging rights."

Intrigued by the uniqueness of the real estate, Mission Mission dug into the island's past and found that it once was used by Russian and Aluet fur hunters, who camped on the island, while hunting sea otters in the 1800s.

But perhaps even better is the rumor that pirate gold could be buried on the island

Sea Kayaker and Explorer writes on his blog  that on "old charts the island was called Treasure Rock and Golden Rock because of such (pirate) tales."

With a monthly payment of only $90,000, Red Rock Island may be worth the price in bragging rights and cool stories alone.

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