San Francisco

Caught on Camera: San Francisco Man Hits Car, Hits Driver and Steals His Phone

Security cameras on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco caught the moment a man involved in a fender bender drove away, hitting a victim and stealing his phone.

Jose Riquelme says a driver of a black car rear-ended him on Van Ness near the Golden Gate on May 1.

"I was taking pictures of driver’s license and insurance card," said Riquelme. "I called his insurance so he can report the accident."

Riquelme says he handed the man his phone so that he could speak with the insurance agent when he got back into his car and drove away, clipping Riquelme’s hip.

"He hit my car, he hit me, and stole my iPhone," he said. "This little thing is now a big issue."

The driver told Riquelme that he worked for Uber and had customers in his car. However, when he contacted the company, they claimed to not know who he was.

Security footage was turned into police and Riquelme hopes someone can identity him.

"I'm trying to do whatever I can to identify this guy because he shouldn't be driving people," Riquelme said. "If he was able to do that we don't know what he is capable of."

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