Check Your Phone: It’s a Virus Target

McAfee: Android now #1target for hacks


You probably protect your PC; Your laptop is a fortress of safety.  But when it comes to viruses, what about that thing in your pocket?

Silicon Valley virus fighter McAfee just released a new study, showing a sharp spike in mobile viruses.  We keep all sorts of personal and financial information on our phones and tablets - now, hackers want that information for themselves, and we're sadly underprotected.

Especially vulnerable?  Phones with the Android operating system.  McAfee says the number of Android devices targeted for malware is way up.  The typical scam?  Asking for a bit of personal data, getting it, and using it to go back in and snag financial information.

The best advice?  Be skeptical about who's hitting you up for what kind of information.  Also, think about getting a little protection for that thing in your pocket.  A little precaution could go a long way towards keeping your private stuff private.

Scott, who needs protection, is on Twitter:  @scottbudman

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