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Child Protective Services Steps in After Homeless Woman Gives Birth in Golden Gate Park

A homeless woman who gave birth in Golden Gate Park says Child Protective Services is stepping in to take her baby.

The development comes after 33-year-old Melina Berman discussed with NBC Bay Area her future plans as a homeless mother.

Berman and her boyfriend, Jack Stroube, both said they planned to get a home in Santa Cruz. The couple planned to pay for it relying on donations from strangers.

"Based on what I've heard from the people who are interested in the fundraising that flipping burgers is not going to be a requirement," Stroube said.

Paramedics before midnight Sunday rushed to Golden Gate Park, near Stanyon Street, and found Berman lying under a tarp with her newborn. Berman said she was in labor for five hours, lying on the ground and believing she could do it herself.

"I just pushed and pulled my baby out," Berman said.

Paramedics brought the mother and child to California Pacific Medical Center.

Tami Gaines, a case manager with Hamilton Families said there are resources available for homeless pregnant women and families with newborns.

"I think what it takes is for someone to find the right organization that's going to be able to assist them in terms of finding the right resources," Gaines said.

Hamilton Families, a homeless families service provider, has a hotline for services at 415-614-9060.

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