City Hipsters Brew a Mean Cup of Coffee

San Francisco's Ritual Roasters makes some of the best coffee around

The hipsters have already taken over Valencia in the city so we might as well embrace the bright side of their flannel shirts and skinny jeans.

Tucked in the outskirts of Valencia, just past Dosa and the vegetarian haven of Herbivore, sits one the hippest hipster coffee joints on the West Coast.

The yuppies, farmer market goers and business types have longed had their fun with local roaster Blue Bottle Coffee Company, located near the Emporium Mall and coming soon to the Ferry Building, but Ritual Coffee Roasters, which opened in May 2005, is definitely the java of choice for young hipsters looking for a sweeter, softer brew. They also play to the crowd by serving up all sorts of vegan cakes and other yummies.

The San Francisco-based coffee brewer and cafe is a little pricey for your casual coffee drinkers but in a rich coffee culture city like San Francisco, Ritual plays to those who want to enjoy each sip they pour down their throat. They have even gotten some national love thanks to the New York Times.

The Starbucks goers (ewww) will not enjoy lining up, outside the door, sometimes, to get their grubby corporate mugs on a cup.

All their beans come from a selection of green coffee of course and they claim to put an "unflagging attention to roasting" and the strict training that they put their baristas through. They are located at 1026 Valencia St. in San Francisco. You can check out the full Ritual story in their video below.

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