City Leaders and Community Members Address Homelessness in Antioch

Homelessness has been a recurring issue in the Bay Area and the homeless population in Antioch is beginning to affect local businesses.

"I’ve seen them hanging out in alleyways sleeping on top of our roofs where they’re camping up there," said Tammy Larsen from the "Almost There Travel" agency. "I’ve seen homeless people screaming and yelling and urinating."

El Campanil Theatre have hired a security company to ensure the safety of guests during night time performances.

Many in the city want to take action and not just for their businesses but for the homeless as well.

"We’re looking at a care center," Antioch Mayor Sean Wright said. "A 24-hour care center, an opportunity for people to have a P.O. Box to come and do showers to get a warming center to get the services they need."

Community members gathered Tuesday at the Antioch police department to discuss possible solutions. As the city of Antioch does not have a single shelter for the homeless. 

"It is not illegal to be homeless but we definitely have a problem down here and the city of Antioch really needs to find a solution." Larsen said. 

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