City Wants to Rekindle Its Google Flame

San Francisco could become a test city for Google's blazing Internet

Telemundo San Antonio

San Francisco isn't letting history stand in its way of lining up to be a Google guinea pig -- again.

The City is reportedly positioning itself to become one of of the cities Google tests its new broadband Internet service that the tech giant says will go 100 times faster than the average Americans current broadband speed.

Google says it will offer the service to at least 50,000 people across the country and possibly up to 500,000. The Mountain View-based company wants cities interested in receiving the free service to answer a series of questions and submit them by March 26.

San Francisco’s technology committee will meet Thursday to discuss the application process. A road the City and Google have walked down together before.

The two first partnered in 2006 to blanket the City with free opportune but the deal died before the service could be launched. San Francisco's failing memory comes at an opportune time as Internet speeds across the country are following and other developed nation's connections get faster.

Google's proposed service would send data at 1 gigabit per second.
The average U.S. computer currently surfs at 3.9 Mbps. For comparison, a gigabit equals 1,000 Mb.

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