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Making a Difference: Bay Area Company Makes Fashion Greener

NBC Universal, Inc.

The global fashion industry topped $1.5 trillion last year. That's a lot of clothing made, bought and sold.

But much of it ends up wasting away in closets and is eventually discarded. That, unfortunately, means a lot of clothing in the landfill.

Enter Stitch Fix. The San Francisco-based company is known for helping customers find just the right piece of clothing, but what you may not know is just how much this helps fight climate change.

Stitch Fix works entirely online and on mobile devices. Their data scientists work with stylists and customers to match the right person to the right article of clothing. That means less clothing, less storage and less waste.

"I think especially in the garments industry or in apparel, we understand that the most sustainable thing you can do is not make a garment," Thomas Heckroth, director of responsible sourcing at Stitch Fix, said. "So, we want to make sure that we're getting the customer exactly what they want and doing it as efficiently as possible."

It's working on customers and on Wall Street. Stitch Fix, which is publicly traded, has seen its market value grow by almost 800% since March.

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