Marijuana-Based Drug Helps Reduce Seizures in Children

The big business of medical marijuana could soon get larger thanks to a clinical trial that has patients and investors very interested.

Pharmaceutical company GW Pharma in a clinical trial was able to reduce convulsive seizures in children with the help of a marijuana-based drug.

"It's very positive," Harborside General Manager Matt Smith said. "The things that jumps out for us is the bigger recognition from perhaps the federal government about the efficacy of these drugs."

But while investors doubled GW Pharma stock in one day and saw shares of another marijuana pharma company, Zynerba, rise 150 percent, some doctors said we are likely getting ahead of ourselves.

"It is totally too early to put the word cure in that sentence," said Dr. Christine Halaburka, with Stanford Children's Hospital.

Officials also said more work is needed before GW Pharma drug is even close to actual FDA approval. 

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