Colbert Prefers Twatting to Tweeting

Comedian causes quite a stir with misuse of popular site

While NBC and MSNBC have been busy trying to get all their anchors to twitter, comedian Stephen Colbert has been busy misusing the newest social media craze.

Our friends at Valleywag alerted us to the strange exchange between the self absorbed Comedy Central host and Meredith Viera of the Today Show. Colbert was on to plug his new animated movie "Monsters Vs. Aliens," where he plays the president of the United States (you may remember that Colbert ran for president in 2008 for about 24 hours).

The interview was going swimmingly with the host getting Colbert's comments -  both serious and amusing - on everything from Bernie Madoff to the ongoing scandals at AIG. Everything was going great until the end of the interview when Viera tried to involve Colbert with a tease for her next story. Viera walked right into the comedian's trap, who refused to leave the set, by asking if Colbert used the San Francisco-based Twitter.

"Oh do you tweet?" Viera innocently asked Colbert. To which he responded with a coy, "I have twatted."

The set burst out into laughter while a shocked Viera was left stumbling for words.

"Oh my gosh, um well actually so have I," she said for some strange reason. And as the cameras rolled to a commercial you could hear a disgusted (or maybe she was upset) Viera mumble,"Oh my God."

We have the interview below for your amusement via our sister Hulu but notice how they cut out the last 28 seconds where Colbert dropped his twat bomb. But have no fear we have the edited 28 seconds for you too via our friends at NewsWreckers

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