San Francisco

Commuters Welcome New Warm Springs BART Station in Fremont

After a two-year delay, the Bay Area's newest BART station is up and running with commuters testing it out for the first time on Monday.

As of Monday afternoon, more than 1,400 riders came through the new Warm Springs station in Fremont, a project that was completed under budget by $100 million.

"It will get me some exercise and on days I drive it will be much more convenient," Fremont-resident Gopa Guha said.

Prior to the Warm Springs station opening, Guha had to drive to Hayward to catch BART because the Fremont BART station parking lot would fill up. Guha said she is excited over the Warm Springs station parking lot featuring 2,000 spaces.

San Jose-resident Mac Rosario drove 15 minutes to the Warm Springs station on Monday to take her first ever BART ride.

"We're testing it out to see how much time it will take on the train from here to San Francisco," Rosario said.

The Warm Springs station was slated to open in 2014, but was delayed in part because of problems getting the station's modern technology to work with the existing BART system.

More relief for South Bay commuters may soon be on the way with another 10-mile stretch of BART. VTA leaders said a new station will open in Milpitas and another station off Berryessa in San Jose are on track to open by the end of this year.

The next project in the works will link BART from the Berryessa station to Santa Clara through downtown San Jose. The project is currently in the environmental review phase.

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