Concord Preschool Garden Ransacked

The Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Day Preschool garden in Concord was ransacked by thieves Wednesday, just as the children were getting ready to harvest their fruits and vegetables.

"None of the food was there and we worked so hard on it," said preschooler Sophia Ellis.

As the children went outside to water the plants, they found somebody had stolen nearly all of the plants they’d been growing.

"Twenty-four 4 and 5-year-olds, their faces, you could see the tears," said parent Natalie Bressem-Chang. "Probably the most heart-wrenching thing I’ve ever seen."

It seems the garden thieves didn’t just hit the school, a neighbor’s row of rhododendrons got ripped out too. Neighbor Kyle Gross says other neighbors have been victimized recently as well.

"Whether it's Japanese maples or garden hoses or light fixtures or similar plants," Gross said. "They're coming around and taking landscape right out of the ground."

The Concord Police Department is looking into the matter but all the preschoolers want is an apology.

"They have to apologize and say sorry and not do that anymore," said preschooler Brooklyn Foster.

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