Cops: Cyclist, 14, At Fault in Fatal Redwood City Crash

A dead girl is blamed for her own death.

A 14-year old bicyclist killed while riding her bike to school was at fault in the accident, according to Redwood City authorities, who will not pursue charges against the motorist involved in the accident.

Leyla Beban, 14, was struck and killed by a GMC pickup truck while she and the truck both were trying to make a right turn onto Alameda De Las Pulgas at 8:30 a.m. Nov. 26, according to the San Mateo County Times.

She was in a bike lane, but hit the truck as the bicycle and the vehicle made the turn, and was run over, the newspaper reported.

The conclusion was rejected by Beban's family, who said they will conduct their own probe, the newspaper reported.

Investigators say that Leyla, who was following behind the truck, which was in a right-hand turn lane with its blinker on, should have allowed the truck to turn before attempting her own turn. There's a narrowing space between curb and lane that gets smaller as the intersection nears, and she evidently ran out of room and was struck, the newspaper reported.

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