Corte Madera Homeowner Shoots Man Who Followed Him Home in Road Rage Incident

A 71-year-old Corte Madera man has been arrested for shooting a Tiburon man after a road rage incident Thursday morning, a Central Marin Police Authority lieutenant said.

James Stephen Simon shot the 69-year-old Tiburon man twice in the torso with a .357-caliber revolver in the front driveway of his home in the 5000 block of Paradise Drive in Corte Madera, Lt. Michael Norton said.

The shooting occurred after a road rage incident on Paradise Drive between Simon and the unidentified Tiburon man, Norton said.

Simon, who had a license for the revolver, was booked in the Marin County jail Thursday afternoon on suspicion of assault with a firearm on a person, Central Marin Police Authority Chief Todd Cusimano said.

The Tiburon man was shot in the stomach and was taken to Marin General Hospital, Cusimano said.

"He just went in surgery and is in serious condition," Cusimano said around 4:15 p.m.

"We're focusing on the justification for the shooting, "Cusimano said.

Police believe both men were driving recklessly for a mile or two on Paradise Drive before the shooting, Cusimano said. The driving involved braking and speeding up, and one of the men felt the other cut him off, Cusimano said.

Earlier Thursday, Cusimano said Simon drove into his garage and the Tiburon man tried to drive in behind him, but Simon closed the garage door onto the hood of the Tiburon man's vehicle.

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