SF Cost Cutting Idea End Up Costing a Lot

San Francisco cost-cutting measure may be losing more than it saves

In an effort to save money, San Francisco asked the Department of Public Works not to clean a few streets as often.

Unfortunately, the revenue lost from parking tickets is now affecting the Municipal Transportation Agency.

Cuts to DPW street cleaning were meant to save $1 million from the city budget.

But the decline in parking tickets from cars blocking street sweepers means a drop in up to $3.8 million in revenue for the MTA.

Any a novice can figure out that math does not add up.

Not to mention the streets aren't as clean. A resident of posh Pacific Heights complained of trash and leaves, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Leaves, people! Clearly a sign of the decline of western civilization as we know it.

The money lost comes while Muni is struggling with a budget deficit and threatening to raise fares and reduce service. Photo by Braden Kowitz.

Jackson West never figured that he'd be siding with someone from Pacific Heights, but there you go.

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