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Council Meeting Sparks Heated Debate Over Pride Flag in Dublin

A debate over flying the rainbow flag during Pride Month in Dublin at city council meeting Tuesday turned ugly when someone suggested adding the letter "p" for pedophile to the "LGBTQ" acronym.

A councilmember put forth a proposal to fly the rainbow flag on one of three flag poles in front of City Hall during gay price month in June.

Council voted for a proclamation celebrating gay pride but voted down flying the flag, and it was the public comments during the debate that got people talking.

"It’s the flag poles that are sacred for a lot of people in the city," said gun store owner Mike Grant. So sacred that council members voted against flying the rainbow flag on one of them.

"If there was a flag pole anywhere else in town and not city hall, I don’t think anyone would say too much," Grant said.

The people of Dublin had a lot to say about the proposal, put on the agenda by openly-gay councilman Shawn Kumagai.

"My ultimate goal here was to start a conversation about the LGBT community here and how to best serve them," he said.

"I believe at the end of the day there another letter that wants to be added to the end that is being propagated at our state capitol right now that is the letter 'P' for Pedophile," said a Dublin resident.

"The LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bi sexual Trans and Queer … there is no 'S' that would stand for straight which is not all inclusive," said another resident at the meeting.

Councilman Kumagai said this debate may not feel comfortable for everyone … he believes it will open the door to start a conversation about inclusiveness for all.

"I understand the importance of that symbol and the sacredness that is for some, that flag is not inclusive for them," Kumagai said.

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