COVID-19 Testing Sites Overload as Coronavirus Spreads

NBC Universal, Inc.

As coronavirus spreads in California, testing sites and laboratories are getting overloaded.

Long lines for COVID-19 testing are now a common sight in the Bay Area, some are also waiting longer than expected for test results. 

“That's a huge problem because testing has to be a major component of a successful response,” said Dr. Joshua Salomon, professor of medicine at Stanford University.  

He adds that a shortage of testing supplies and laboratory backlogs are making it difficult to contain the virus in California and across the nation and believe the federal government needs to provide some oversight.

“Provide funding for testing managing the situation around the country to get a handle on needs and capacity to be able to manage global supply chains and direct suppliers,” said Salomon.

In California, state leaders are now calling on medical providers to increase testing access and they're looking to expand lab options.

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