Cal Trustees Hike Fees — Then Hike President's Pay

Pay increase of more than $100,000.

Right after voting to hike the fall tuition at California State Universities, the trustees made another controversial decision. They voted to raise the pay of one university president by $100,000.

When Elliot Hirschman takes over as president of San Diego State University, he will receive a $400,000 compensation package.

According to The Daily Aztec, the package includes $350,000 in salary, a $1,000 per month vehicle allowance, reimbursement for moving costs, $50,000 from the SDSU Foundation and a house provided by the university.

The pay is more than $100,000 more than the previous president received. He got $299,435.

Governor Jerry Brown was not pleased with the decision. He wrote a letter to the board.

"California is still struggling to overcome the effects of the great recession which forced tens of billions of dollars in state budget cuts," said Governor Brown.

"The state university system has been particularly hard hit with painful sacrifices...I write to express my concern about the ever-escalating pay packages awarded to your top administrators.

"I fear your approach to compensation is setting a pattern for public service that we cannot afford...The assumption is that you cannot find a qualified man or woman to lead the university unless paid twice that of the Chief Justice of the United States. I reject this notion."

Three trustees voted against the pay increase, including Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom.

CSU officials have defended the move, saying the university must provide competitive compensation to recruit and retain top administrators.

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