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DA Declines to Charge Pittsburg Fatal Shooting Suspect; Family Outraged

Family of Sam Vehikite wants answers after DA says evidence supports self-defense claim

A Contra Costa County family is demanding answers after a man they say shot and killed their loved one is allowed to walk free.

The District Attorney’s Office declined to press charges against Jason Posey, 39, in the April 22 fatal shooting of 36-year-old Sam Vehikite, saying the evidence indicates it was self-defense.

Oni Vehikite said she and her family can’t understand why the man who shot and killed her brother is not facing any charges.

"It hurts me knowing he’s gone, the way he lost his life, and I want justice for him," Oni said.

Sam Vehikite was gunned down three weeks ago after an argument with Posey in front of a tire shop. It was all caught on camera.

"When he pulled out the gun the first time, it shows my brother backing up, and you see his hands open," Oni said. "He backed away, and he shot him anyway."

Once Vehikite was down, Posey is seen reaching in his backpack. Then, he appears to point the gun at him again.

"I don’t understand why this man is walking free," Vehikite's girlfriend Rose Maderos said. "It’s unreal, I can’t believe it."

Pittsburg police arrested Posey on murder charges and handed the case, including the surveillance video, over to the DA. But prosecutors say the evidence supports a claim of self-defense. Police said a knife was found near Vehikite’s body.

Vehikite’s family, including his two daughters, are now left without their sole supporter. They’re heartbroken and say they need justice.

"What more do they need if they have a whole video that shows everything that happened?" Oni said.

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