Danville Student's Death Ruled an Accident, Not Suicide: Coroner

It was a case that left a school in mourning and students asking tough questions.

Ben Curry, 15, was found at the bottom of the San Ramon Valley High School swimming pool last month. Many thought it was suicide, but on Wednesday the Contra Costa Coroner said the death was an accident.

The coroner's report said the school's surveillance video shows Ben getting in the pool with the rest of the kids during 4th period. He is seen going underwater, but not surfacing.

The video shows the rest of the kids swimming to the edge and leaving. It does not show any more activity until the next class when students get into the pool and spot the freshman underwater.

An attorney for the boy's parents said they now want answers from the school district.

The family attorney Andy Schwartz said the district allowed rumors of suicide to circulate when the coroner's report said there was no evidence the boy intended to harm himself.

"It's hard to imagine how the story could get out there the way it did, and the school not putting a stop to it, knowing what the parents were going through," said attorney Andy Schwartz.

Ben was in the pool until the next class came in and pulled him out of the water.

J.R. Idrees' son and fellow freshman was one of the students who were there. Idrees said his son told him "he didn't feel that there was any chance that this could have been suicide."

The school district in a statement said their message has always been not to engage in the spreading of rumors until police finish their investigation.

Danville police said their investigation should be wrapped up by Friday.

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