Divebombing Bird Leaves San Francisco Nest

The black bird that attacked downtown workers for months seems to have moved elsewhere

There’s no longer a need to duck along San Francisco sidewalks, as “Swoops”, the protective black bird which raised international attention by dive-bombing pedestrians in San Francisco’s Financial District, has left the nest. 

Swoops became a local celebrity beginning in May as she repeatedly pecked passersby, usually in the back of the head, as they walked along the sidewalk. It was assumed that Swoops was protecting her nest of baby blackbirds.

The angry mother bird has not been sighted in over a week at her usual perch outside City National Bank at Front and California Streets. Workers in the area who enjoyed watching the bird swoop down on unsuspecting pedestrians told Bay City News, a local wire service, that they missed her.

The angry mother bird has a blog written by a local blogger, the "Attack Bird Chronicles", where he posts pictures and videos of Swoops at work, as well as other information on the blackbird and tributes to her recent absence.

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