Doctors in SF Rally Against Senate Health Care Proposal

Health care, not wealth care.

That was the key slogan Thursday at San Francisco General Hospital, as doctors rallied to oppose the Senate's new health care proposal.

The group of doctors and other medical staff members chanted "Healthcare yes, denials no, profiteering has got to go." They say they have firsthand experience with the Affordable Care Act, and while it's not perfect, it's working.

"For here at the general, before ACA, nearly 35 percent of our patients came here and got care uninsured," Dr. Jeff Critchfield said. After the ACA, 3 percent of our inpatient days and 10 percent of our outpatient days are uninsured."

Doctors and nurses are angry that the Senate's health care bill includes a tax break for the nation's wealthiest people.

They also say the cuts to Medicaid will leave too many families without any health care coverage.

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