Father of Man Killed in 2010 San Francisco Crash Involving Undocumented Immigrant Escorted From D.C. Hearing After Outburst

A few weeks after 32 year-old Kate Steinle was fatally shot by an undocumented immigrant in San Francisco, conservative Senators went head-to-head with Obama administration officials in an emotional and heated hearing on immigration enforcement policy.

But, the tense, emotional moments didn't happen only during the testimony. The emotion of the issue led to an outburst from an audience member about halfway through.

Don Rosenberg, of West Lake Village, Calif., says his son, Drew, was killed in by an unlicensed immigrant in a San Francisco hit-and-rush crash in 2010.

Rosenberg was arrested by Capitol Police after yelling while one of the witnesses was testifying against new immigration legislation.

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