Donkey Killed for Posing ‘Significant Danger' to Motorists on Hwy. 101

A donkey was put down by Animal Control in Mendocino County Wednesday after it was reportedly running in traffic on Hwy. 101 in Hopland.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office responded to a report of a donkey on southbound Hwy. 101 around 3:30 Wednesday. Upon arrival of the scene, they were joined by Animal Control officers, California Highway Patrol officers and the owner of the animal.

Officers claim the animal posed “significant danger” to motorists on the highway as they estimated it weighed more than 500 pounds. They reportedly hazed the animal off the roadway into a small hill above the highway but it continued to make repeated attempts to go back on the highway.

The donkey had traveled about a mile down the highway from the farm where it had been kept. The owner let officers know it was extremely aggressive, killing other animals in the farm.

Officers claim the owner of the animal asked to put him down to avoid it posing any more danger to motorists. Animal control shot the animal twice, the first shot only injuring it and the second killing it.

Animal Control officers were awaiting tranquilizing drugs from the Mendocino County Veterinarian following an incident on March 26 when a motorist collided with horses on Hwy. 101 near the same location resulting in injuries to the driver.

Animal Control do not possess necessary drugs to tranquilize large animals.

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