Don't Always Believe the Celeb Behind the Tweet

Aides often help celebs, pols with new social networking craze

Not sure what all the fuss about Twitter is? Don't worry a lot of celebrities and politicians who profess to be obsessed with the latest social networking craze are not really sure what the Twitter is too. Or at least many of them don't use it like they profess too.

From Ashton Kutcher to Mayor Gavin Newsom to Lance Armstrong to even 50 Cent, the stars of Hollywood and the big wigs of politics all seem to be offering their condensed words of wisdom (no more than 140 characters of course) to the world every few minutes.

The San Francisco-based microblogging site has become a powerful marketing tool for celebrities, politicans and companies who use it to keep in touch with their fans and or constituents.

But how can someone running a broke city and trying as hard as he can to become the next governor of a broke state find time to Twitter? Or how can a mega platinum selling, mansion owning, book writing hip hop artist tweet profound words like “My ambition leads me through a tunnel that never ends?” The truth is, according to our friends at the New York Times, many of them don't.

On March 1, 50 Cent dropped the above philisopical bomb with his digital pen to more than 200,000 people who follow him on Twitter, according to the paper. But those words were not really 50 Cent's words but instead they were the thoughts of Chris Romero, aka Broadway, the director of the rapper’s Web presence.

“He doesn’t actually use Twitter,” Romero told the New York Times, “But the energy of it is all him.”

The energy huh? Maybe all the members of Congress who are struggling to figure Twitter out should have their aides tweet for them and just channel their energy to their feedMaybe Courtney Love forgot to channel her energy into her Twitter feed and that is why she is getting sued for her online rants.

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