Drivers Wise Up to San Francisco’s Parking Cops

Alicias on Flickr

While drivers across the City rejoiced, San Francisco could not have taken well news that parking tickets are down.

There was a 16 percent drop in parking citations handed out to drivers since 2005, the San Francisco Examiner reported. The reason behind the meter maid slowdown: the weak economy and a reduction of street sweeping across the City.

The word comes as San Francisco is facing a $522.2 million budget shortfall next fiscal year and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority -- who enforces parking tickets -- is staring at its own deficit of $49.1 million short fall.

All this has happened while San Francisco has actually increased the number of parking control officers by 8 percent since fiscal year 2007-2008.

The MTA told the Examiner it thinks poor drivers are paying more attention to street signs than the City.


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