Eager Buyers Camp Out in Bay Area to Purchase New Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 is expected to start around $35,000 and deliver in late 2017.

Several people are camping out in the Bay Area to make sure they get their hands on the latest Tesla.

Jesus Medrano and Joe Neuman will likely get a Tesla before many others do. The two are camping out by the Sunnyvale Tesla dealership to put a $1,000 deposit down for the new Model 3.

"We've got a projector to throw movies up on a wall," Neuman said. "Maybe we'll buy a screen from Best Buy next door, power, movies and have some fun with it."

Tesla, after selling a lot of its Model S and making a more recent splash with its Model X, is promising a much less expensive car this time around. The Model 3 is expected to start around $35,000.

"Been wanting one for a while," Medrano said. "I was thinking about getting the S, but I found out this was coming out for a much lower price, and it fits perfectly."

Several people were also seen camping out late Wednesday at the Tesla dealership in Walnut Creek.

Tesla said delivery for the Model 3 will start in late 2017.

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