East Bay Scoops Up Business Tenants Priced Out of S.F.

Many a company's loss has been East Bay's gain.

Chocolate, nonprofits and hospitals -- if there's no room left for them in San Francisco, the East Bay will gladly take them.

"A steady stream" of companies priced out of the city or running out of room to grow in San Francisco are signing leases for East Bay office space, the Business Times is reporting.

That includes chocolate-makers TCHO, UCSF, law firms and nonprofits, according to the report.

More than 300,000 square feet of office space in the East Bay has been leased over the past 18 months by companies once and formerly based in San Francisco, according to the newspaper.

UCSF is the largest at 116,000 square feet, inked in Emeryville. But even state entities like the Public Defender's office are getting into the 510 game.

As many residential renters have discovered, there's a lot to recommend the East Bay, including transportation and "great weather," the newspaper reported -- so great that the land across the bridge is even shedding some "stigma."

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