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Bay Area Counties Reopening at Different Speeds

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As some Bay Area communities continue to reopen, others aren’t moving as quickly.          

In Dublin, diners are still waiting and practicing social distance while waiting for take-out -- following the rules set by Alameda County.

While their neighbors -- four miles away in San Ramon in Contra Costa County -- enjoy lunch on the veranda and in three weeks, dine-in and bars are reopening too. And next week hair salons.

“Our clients are excited, and we’re all ready to get back in here and making money and getting the clients back in,” said Sarah Brophy from Salon X.  

Many would no doubt like to see more open in Alameda County, but it has two times as many COVID-19 cases as Contra Costa County even though it’s only a third larger with about 1.6 million people.

“It’s still kind of soon,” said Steve Durchman from Dublin. “It’s kind of scary still out there.”

Business owners in both counties are taking it all in stride, considering the hit on their bottom lines.

Improvising to make ends meet and to remain safe during this pandemic.

“You just got to go with it. County to county is different, so I don’t know what the guidelines are, but we’ve just got to go with it,” said Tony Cassara  from Cassara’s Italian Men’s Wear. 

As things do open back up, some guidance for businesses from Contra Costa Health Services -- to follow California's rules for reopening unless the county tells you it’s implementing further restrictions.

“All we can do is be careful, and to just make sure that we practice our social distancing, wear our masks – some of us have face shields too when we see patients,” said Dr. Doris Wong from San Ramon Family Optometry. “Only time will tell if we’re going to have a second wave.”

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