Bay Area Residents Hope to Expedite Visa Applications for Family in Afghanistan

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The despair and anguish coming out of Afghanistan seems to grow by the hour, but so does the resolve of Afghan families in the Bay Area working to help those still trapped as the Taliban take over.

On Monday, many people lined up at the East Bay doorstep of Congressman Eric Swalwell's office in Castro Valley in hopes of expediting visa applications.

"The situation is really bad and a lot of people they struggle to get out of there for their lives," Afghan American Assadulah Azizi said.

Ramin Khan added: "All these people are waiting for their families. We don't want to lose them. We don't want them killed so please get them out of that hell."

Swalwell's office is one of several congressional offices trying to help local Afghan Americans expedite the visa process for their family members back home.

All are asking for help and most said they do not trust the messages released by the Taliban calling for unity and vowing to respect human rights for all Afghanistans.

"There are messages relayed by the enemy to our community to not be alarmed," said Setara Karim, an Afghan community advocate. Not be fearful. We all know that's a lie."

Others are praying the homeland promises are real.

"Honestly, I have no choice but to trust them," Afghan American Fatima Neazmy said. "I don't have any other choice. I can say they're lying, but what good would that do."

Meanwhile, everyone who stood in line in front of Swalwell's office hope it all ends with their family members allowed to come to the United States.

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