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Seniors at San Pablo Living Facility Face Eviction

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Residents of a San Pablo senior living facility are facing eviction.

More than half of the seniors living at the facility have already moved out, but a group of 20 said they are not leaving and do not have anywhere affordable to go. The group wants help if the owners want them to leave.

"I'm going to stay until the sheriff comes and says 'You gotta go!'" said Vince Dunn, one of the seniors facing eviction.

Dunn is pledging to be the last person to leave San Pablo's Brookdale Senior Living Solutions. Management this week sent the 73-year-old Dunn and about 20 other residents eviction notices.

"In the Bay Area, there's a housing problem everywhere," Dunn said. "But it really shows up right here in the senior community."

In November, Brookdale announced the property owners are selling and the facility would be shutting down. The owners said Brookdale decided on its own not to renew the lease or buy the building.

"I feel depressed, and sad, and confused," said Carley Angell, another senior being evicted.

The remaining residents have until March 30 to move.

"I miss terribly the people who have left," Angell said. "It's really awful to be torn apart from the friendships you make late in life because it's not easy to make friends."

Angells said she has a new place in mind, but can't afford the extra $15,000 a year.

In a statement, Brookdale said 70% of resident have already relocated and the company "will continue to work with remaining residents and families as they find and settle into their new homes."

And some family members hope their loved ones do it soon.

"I think she should move now before the place is understaffed and something bad happens," said Jean Phare, who has a grandmother living at Brookdale.

A spokesperson for Brookdale said they are working with the state and social services, and no one will be left in the cold. Residents said they will continue to fight until there is a settlement or a plan so they can stay.

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