Contra Costa County

Every 15 Minutes: CHP Holds Mock DUI Crash at School

High school students in Contra Costa County got a sobering wake-up call Tuesday about the dangers of drinking and driving.

The football field at College Park High School in Pleasant Hill turned into a deadly crash scene as student actors and emergency responders staged a DUI accident.

Students got an up-close look at the effects of a drinking and driving, and some said it really shook them up.

"It hit me pretty hard because I know a lot of people who are taking part in this,: one student said. "It stung."

The mock crash is part of the CHP's Every 15 Minutes program. It spans two days and shows high schoolers how drinking and driving impacts kids, families and their community.

On Wednesday, the students will hold a mock funeral for their friends who died in the simulated crash.

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