Facebook Limits You to 63,206 Characters

Social-networking site ups its character count by giant amounts.

Struggling to fit your thoughts into Twitter's measly 140 characters? Facebook may be your answer.

The Palo Alto-based social-networking site wants you to know that you have exactly 63,206 characters at your status update disposal.

That is an increase of almost 60,000 characters from its previous limit. Facebook increase its character count from 500 characters to 5,000 just this past summer.

And when Facebook was first getting popular it used to be almost Twitter like with its 160 character limit for any status update.

Now users can feel free to unleash their inner Fyodor Dostoevsky and put that mental novel down in print -- status update print.

It will only take you seven status updates to reach the average length of a novel, according to The Los Angeles Times' count.

But whose counting? Not Facebook.

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